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Self-cleaning Masonry Paint

> Features & Benefits

  • Available in over 200 RAL colours
  • Highly water repellent
  • Self-cleaning
  • Quick drying
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  • Preparation & Application
  • Health & Safety
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Enewall Self-Cleaning Masonry Paint is a premium industrially produced wall paint, it is suitable for masonry and rendered surfaces. Water and dirt has difficult adhering to the newly painted surface. When it rains or the substrate is lightly washed down the surface will be washed cleaned.

> Technical & Supporting Services

Enewall’s Technical Services Department has a team of experienced advisors available to give on site

advice both at the specification stage and during application. Detailed specifications can be prepared for individual projects. Site visits, on site demonstrations and training can be arranged on request.  For any technical enquiries please call Enewall main office on 01698 373 305 or via email on

> How To Use

Surface must be dry, firm and clean. Thoroughly remove old and loose plaster and paint layers, grease and other dirt first, Pre‐treat with primer when necessary. Dilute for the first coat paint layer with maximum 5% water and mix thoroughly. Apply with block brush, roller or spray‐on equipment. After drying off the first layer, apply the second layer thinned with maximum 2% water. Clean equipment with water immediately after use.

> Coverage Rates

Per square metre: approx. 0,3 litres per coat average, depending on the type of substrate, dilution and application waste

> Health & Safety

Protect eyes and skin adequately with personal protective equipment during application of wall paints. Refer to safety datasheet.

> Packaging

Plastic tubs of 5 of 10 litres.

> Storage

Can be kept for approximately 1 year if stored in cool, frost‐free conditions and hermetically sealed.