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Fungicidal Wash

> Features & Benefits

  • Apply by brush or spray for quick and easy application
  • No mixing required
  • Fast acting
  • Low toxicity
  • No visual deposit after treatment
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  • Preparation & Application
  • Health & Safety
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Enewall Fungicidal Wash is a low toxicity anti-fungal agent which has been designed to clean and remove mildew, algae, fungi, lichen and moss from masonry backgrounds prior to the commencement of Enewall rendering application.

> Considerations

Reoccurring mildew, algae, fungi, lichen and moss, etc. may be a result of insufficient overhang on verge trims, overcill, window cills and damaged guttering. Trees and plant life located to close to the façade or property may also encourage undesirable growth.  Regular maintenance of abutments, flashing, moving joints, cills, trees and plants should be planned.

> Technical & Supporting Services

Enewall’s Technical Services Department has a team of experienced advisors available to give on site

advice both at the specification stage and during application. Detailed specifications can be prepared for indi-vidual projects. Site visits, on site demonstrations and training can be arranged on request.  For any technical enquiries please call Enewall main office on 01698 373 305 or via email on

> Preparation

Do not apply in wet weather or if rain is forecast.

>  Mixing

No mixing or diluting is required, no other materials should be added.

> Coverage Rates

8-10 sq.m per litre depending on porosity of the surface the material is being applied to.

> Application

Enewall fungicidal wash is to be applied by brush or spray to damp, but not water logged surfaces. Where growth is heavy, apply two coats. Allow first coat to dry before applying second. Surfaces should be brushed down with a stiff bristle brush to remove dead growth. Where surface is to be redecorated or painted, wash down with water after treatment.

> Health & Safety

Enewall Fungicidal Wash contains Dodecylamine Salicyate, which is an irritant and caustic. It is toxic to animal, plant and fish life. Never take internally. Keep away from children. Avoid all skin contact; wear protective goggles, gloves and protective clothing. Wash clothing if contaminated. Keep away from ponds, waterways and fish tanks. Avoid contact with houseplants; remove from the vicinity before spraying. Allow good ventilation, particularly when spraying.

> Packaging

Fungicidal Wash is supplied in 5 litre and 15 litre containers.

> Storage

Do not store in temperatures exceeding 30°C or below 5°C. Storage in direct sunlight should be avoided. Pot life is 12 months when stored in proper conditions