What is the difference between SureRend and Enewall?

The Difference

Enewall has two types of render which can be differentiated by their composition, SureRend is based on a traditional mix and all other products are polymer enhanced. Enewall SureRend is normally used on new build projects.

Whilst the Enewall polymer enhanced range is also used on new build, over coating existing substrates and external wall insulation systems.  For further information or help please see Enewall’s technical services department.

How long will I have to wait for material once an official order has been placed?

How Long?

Insulation Boards7-10 Working Days
Overcill & Under-cills7-10 Working Days
Full system beads, render only beads etc. 3- 4 Working Days
Mechanical Fixings 3- 4 Working Days
Render3-5 Working Days
Dry Dashing Aggregates2-4 Working Days
Acrylic, Silicone and Masonry Paint3-5 Working Days

Render, Acrylic, Masonry and Silicone have a minimum order quantity, new materials or non-standard items may take longer. These leads times exclude delivery from site.

Returns policy

Returns Policy

As of the 1st of December 2014 we regret we will no longer be able to accept the return of any of our Cement Based Products. All other items* may still be returned but will be covered by a 35% restocking charge providing that the goods are:

  • In a usable & resalable condition
  • You have proof of Purchase

Special Non Standard Products

We are able to supply an extensive range of products specifically tailored or made to your individual specification. However when placing your order, you should note that special items are not refundable nor do we except liability for materials wrongly ordered. Please ask one of our staff who will be pleased to assist with your requirements on quality, price and availability. We are sorry for inconvenience this may cause, Thank you! Your Statutory Rights are not affected

Curing times for render

Curing Times

Enewall renders dry hydraulically, the setting time is dependent on the environment and humidity. Enewall renders will reach optimal strength after 28 days.



All prices are ex. works and carriage charges will be applied. Carriage charges vary depending on weight and destination. Special deliveries of any order value will attract carriage charges at cost and may include the following which are intended as examples and the list of ‘special’ deliveries is not restricted to these.

It will include ‘Moffatt’ type (fork lift truck) and Hiab requests. These services are not always available and cannot be guaranteed to be made available.

Enewall will confirm a delivery date prior to delivery however we do not do timed deliveries or guarantee a time slot.

Opening Times

Opening Times

The Enewall Trade Counter is open from 8.00am-4.00pm Monday-Friday. Please note, the Trade Counter will now be closed on Saturday’s.

The main office is open Monday to Thursday 8am-5.00pm and 8.00am-4.00pm on Friday’s.



Please note that a guarantee will only be given providing that the following conditions have been satisfied;

  • The customer has an Enewall project specific specification
  • The contractor must be an Enewall Approved Contractor
  • The job must have recorded intermittent site visits
  • The client must have proof of purchase for all materials mentioned in the specification.

On Site Pull Out Test

Pull Out Tests

On site pull outs must be carried out prior to specifying fixings or the installation of an Enewall external wall insulation system

To organise or request a pull out test please give the following information

  • Full site address
  • Name of contractor who will be carrying out the work
  • Customer contact details for access
  • Project start date
  • Wall Make Up



To request a specification please fill out a specification request form online or call the Enewall main office, please give the following details

  •  Wall Make Up
  •  Site Address
  •  Desired Render Finish
  •  Company Name

On site pull must be conducted prior to the installation of the Enewall system.

Lime Bloom & Efflorescence

Lime Bloom

BS 5262 Code of practice for the design, preparation and application of external rendering Part 1 clauses 34.1 and 47 confirm that lime bloom is a phenomenon that sometimes affects cementitious products.

Most substrate types contain water soluble salts and with the water used in construction these salts will pass into solution and subsequently reappear at, or near the surface as the building dries out.

Can I re-render a painted surface?

Render a Painted Surface

Enewall would not recommend applying render directly on to a painted surface, the paint would need to be removed or a suitable base coat with fibre glass mesh or stainless steel lath with mechanical fixings would need to be used.

For further information or help please see Enewall’s technical services department.

Should I remove existing render prior to the application of a new render system?

Remove Existing?

If the existing render is sound and there are no bossed areas it may be detrimental to the existing substrate if the render is forcibly removed.

Enewall would advise against forcibly removing render. For further information or help please see Enewall’s technical services department.

Minimum, Maximum application temperature and Environmental conditions

Minimum, Maximum….

  • Rendering should not take place if the temperature is 30 degrees and rising, where curing is impossible and fast drying will occur.
  • Rain or high humidity or where rain will occur before the initial set of the material occurs.
  • In cold weather, rendering should not take place if any of the materials are frozen, if the substrate is frozen.
  • If the temperature is 5 degrees and falling.
  • If there is any risk of frost damage within 24 hours of application.
  • In full sun, where wetting down will not cope with the suction causing a high risk of dehydration

How to request a render sample

Request a Sample

Sample details to be emailed to sales@enewall.co.uk

You must include the following information;

  • Who the samples are for (customer name)
  • The project name
  • If the samples are not being collected then a full postal address

Enewall approved contractors and Training

Approved Contractors

Enewall have a list of approved contractors who have been trained on the application and installation of Enewall renders and external wall insulation systems. If you want to become an Enewall approved contractor please contact the Enewall main office .