Golf clubhouse development keeps out of the rough thanks to Enewall

Enewall was brought in to insulate and render the now world-renowned golf course’s new clubhouse in time for the start of the 2006 Ryder Cup competition.


With time being such a critical factor in the project, the Wishaw based business’ suggestion of using a single skin and 110mm FRA grade Polystyrene Insulation Boards was adopted at the outset of the planning stages.


Had the client opted for the traditional two-skin of block and wall-cavity insulated construction approach could have added tens of thousands of pounds to the build cost and pushed the completion time back by several months.


Enewall panels lead to Dundee

development savings

The Wishaw-based business’ high tensile Powerwall panels were incorporated into the design of Seymour House, a new
multi-millionpound child protection unit in Dundee.

As the honeycomb structures are relatively lightweight – weighing in at just two kilos per m2 – Dundee City Council was able to make substantial savings on the build through scaling down the foundation works.

No blocks in hotel development thanks
to Enewall insulation

The insulation experts supplied Park Inn Hotels with Enewall’s System 3, which is a lightweight external insulation system for the company’s Park Inn Aberdeen hotel.

The state-of-the-art insulation system was coated with a sand finish
and used to line the building’s steel/timber frame, providing high quality insulation to the hotel without the need for bricks or blocks.


New lease of life for Dickensian Building

90mm Insulation was primarily used but the contractor (RDL Plastering and Drylining Ltd) had to negotiate half a dozen other sizes of Insulation in order to level the 300+ year old building. Once levelled, a reinforcing, anti-crack  glass fibre mesh was imbedded into dual coatings of Enewall polymer modified Multi-Purpose Adhesive (MPA), and  finally upwards 400m2 of Enewall’s silicone enhanced 1.5mm textured topcoat trowelled and floated on to create the desired aesthetic finish.

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