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Enewall Render Silos

At Enewall we understand the demands of construction sites. We know how vital it is to get material directly to where it is needed in the most efficient way. That is why we always work with our customers to identify the ideal equipment configuration for each site. A Range of Enewall’s standard renders can now be supplied in silos directly to site which offer significant benefits in terms of ready availability, reduced wastage and improved site management.

How it works?
Material is charged directly into a tub or bin at the push of a button. It offers a highly cost-effective solution for most building and construction projects with all the benefits of dry render technology. The mixer has an output of at least 50 litres per minute, which means it will fill a standard render tub in just a few minutes.

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> Key Features:

  • Silo’s are delivered to site complete with all necessary equipment including easy clean mixer and 10 Tonnes of material.
  • Timer control allows mixer to operate without supervision.
  • Accurate colour consistency for coloured render applications.
  • The system allows as much or as little to be produced from the silo as required, from a bucketful to a tubful, meaning wastage is kept to a minimum.
  • Silos take up a relatively small area on site meaning space is effectively utilised.
  • Render can be produced at the press of a button, meaning labour intensity and health and safety concerns are reduced, compared to traditional site mixing.
  • Material stored in the silo is not exposed to the elements so therefore retains it’s integrity, therefore further reducing wastage.
  • Large quantities of mortar are delivered, which reduces on site traffic movements significantly.
  • Site presentation is considerably improved.
  • Noise produced by the silo mixer unit is minimal, a benefit where sites are located close to schools, hospitals, existing residential areas etc.

Enewall will provide full training on how to use our silo system ensuring that you get the best from your silo system.

> Technical & Supporting Services

Enewall’s Technical Services Department has a team of experienced advisors available to give on site advice both at the specification stage and during application. Detailed specifications can be prepared for individual projects. Site visits, site demonstrations and training can be arranged on request.

For any technical enquiries please call Enewall main office on 01698 373 305 or via email on

Suitable for:

  • SureRend Silo Mix render is designed to be used as a base coat (first coat) and top coat (second coat) render. The first coat must be keyed to receive the second coat.

Unsuitable for:

  • Insulation boards
  • Over coating existing render
  • Painted surfaces
  • Refurbishment projects
  • Cement Particle boards
  • Gypsum &Thermalite Type Block

Contact with wet render or mortar may cause irritation, dermatitis or burns personal  protective equipment should be worn at all times, after contact with skin wash with water. If the product comes into contact with eyes irrigate with cold water as soon as  possible and seek medical attention.  Product contains chemicals therefore is harmful to ingest or inhale. For further Health and Safety information, MSDS is available on request.

  • Silo Render Datasheet

  • Silo Risk Assessment

  • Enewall Silo User Guide

  • Silo Material COSSH Sheet

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