Full Build

Enewall’s full build steel framing system is an extremely beneficial solution to suit domestic, commercial, educational and industrial sectors.

The full build  system utilises galvanised lightweight gauge steel sections to form the structural elements of the building frame. Load bearing internal and external wall frames provide structural stability and integrity to the building. This system incorporates various thicknesses of lightweight gauge steel which lends itself to bespoke design projects.  APS flooring offers a lightweight structure with no wastage on site, however concrete flooring solutions provide a higher level of acoustics and fire protection.

The cold rolled steel components are designed according to specific projects, then manufactured & assembled into building frame panels on or off-site maintaining consistency, quality, improving safety and reducing construction programmes. The flexibility of this system can also incorporate pitched, asymmetric, flat roofs and dormers into our advanced panel system.

>  Technical Services

Enewall have an in-house design team comprising of architectural and  structural engineering staff, whom provide detailed designs for all systems, including application to and within all types of construction.  The design team also provide a full technical

>  Features & Benefits:-

  • Reduces impact of weather
  • Speed of construction, 60% quicker than traditional build
  • Water tightness achieved quicker
  • Flexibility of room size and layout
  • Cost effective solutions
  • Whole life costing
  • Sustainability
  • Safe working conditions
  • Quality assurance
  • Precision engineered products manufactured to tight toleranceensuring exact perform
  • Large spans and large structural openings can be designed in.
  • Steel sections are 100% recyclable, helping to meet tighter Government legislation.
  • Light weight but high in strength